President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a resolution “On awarding a group of employees of the education sector in connection with the Day of Teachers and Tutors” on 29 September 2015.

Group of citizens received honourable titled of People’s Teacher, Honored worker of public education, Honored teacher of youth, and Honored coach for their contribution to raising intellectual and spiritual potential of Uzbekistan, upbringing harmonically developed youth, achievements in education sector, etc.

For their contribution to improvement of education system in Uzbekistan, upbringing of healthy and harmonically developed youth generation, the group of workers were awarded with such orders as Fidokorona Hizmatlari Uchun, Mehnat Shukhrati, Soglov Avlod Uchun (II level), Dustlik, as well as Shukhrat medal.

Overall, fourteen citizens of Uzbekistan received honourable titles and 84 people were awarded with orders and medals.