The State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan has received more than 300 new artworks, including artifacts, over the past two years.

“The collection of the State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan numbers more than 70 thousand exhibits: works of fine art, graphics, and sculptures, decorative and applied art. Its exposition is represented by unique works by West European and Russian painters, the art of the countries of the foreign East, but its largest section is devoted to Uzbekistan. The collection is being continuously expanded; hence it’s no mere chance that the Museum’s reconstruction project envisaged the expansion of its depository. In the meantime its specialists are getting prepared to organize an exhibition of newly-received expositions early next year. Deputy Director on science Jakhongir Temirkhojayev told more in detail about them.

“The picture ‘Navruz. Girl-Friends’ painted by the People’s Painter of Uzbekistan, academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan Akmal Nur is one of the most significant purchases of the Museum. It is devoted to rejuvenation of an ancient tradition. D.Mamedova’s painting “Women of Surkhondaryo” and P.Khaitov’s graphic sheets also arouse considerable interest. We also procured a set of national furniture made by a prominent wood-carver Kh.Odilov. It has supplemented out collection of items made by modern masters of the Tashkent school of furniture-makers.

“New works come from different sources. We have managed to expand the circle of the Museum’s friends, who present it with valuable pieces art. For instance, early this year family members of the painter Madat Kagarov handed over to the Museum about 200 works of fine art and graphics noted for their deep philosophic content. They were created by the master during the last years of his life. Now the Museum has the painter’s works representing all major stages of his creative activity.

“An old friend of the Museum Kim Joon Che from the Republic of Korea has handed over to the Museum a collection of a traditional Korean costume made by the “Donkhwa” House of national clothes I Bok Sil. The gift made by the cultural community “Global Artist Movement” of Japan, which includes sets of Japanese male and female costumes, Japanese national toys and such other items of Japanese art will certainly be of interest for Museum visitors.

“The list of newly-received items also includes cultural values confiscated by law-enforcement agencies during the attempt to illegally take them out of Uzbekistan. The Museum is the happy owner of a 19th –century Chinese porcelain dish, 18th-century French goblin tapestry and a number of fine art works of the 19th and 20th centuries: among them are works by by G.Semiradsky, V.Orlovsky, I.Ikonnikov, U.Tansiqboyev, N.Karakhan, V.Ufintsev, R.Choriyev and others.

“The scientific personnel of the Museum are currently engaged in processing newly received items, their registration systematization. Some of the purchased items have already been included into the list of exposition on display,” concluded Jakhongir Temirkhojayev.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)