The number of annually registered HIV patients in Uzbekistan has decreased this Year.

The difference is not so big. Compared with the same periods of the past and the current year, 70 fewer people have been registered this year.

The deputy director of the Republican Center for AIDS, Dildora Mustafayeva, told Uzbekistan Today about that in details.

“Reducing the incidence is a new trend. However, the number of newly diagnosed cases per year has not exceeded four thousand for several years. This is a result of the implementation of targeted programs improving availability of qualified medical care and effective preventive work.

The country has established the national center for AIDS, which has branches in all regions of Uzbekistan. All these facilities have modern equipment, providing the highest diagnostic accuracy. Fifty-nine inter-district diagnostic laboratories have been created for the convenience of the population.

We managed to achieve broad coverage of preventive diagnostics. Migrant workers, people who marry and pregnant women must pass it. It helps to identify the disease at an early stage and provide qualified medical care, improve the quality and increase lifespan.

Previously, patients had to go for medication in the regional center. Now they get medicine from an infectious disease physician at the place of residence. All the innovations that improve the quality of patients’ life are being put into practice. For example, in 2006, when the country was just beginning to practice retroviral therapy, a patient had to take 12 capsules of drug. Today, only one capsule before bedtime is enough. Local hospitals have several kinds of drugs, so doctors can choose treatment individually in the case of individual intolerance.”

(Source: IA «Uzbekistan Today»)