What manuals will be used to teach children will have to be determined this year. Efforts are in progress in Uzbekistan to work out a draft program for the elaboration and publication of new-generation textbooks in 2016-2020 to be used in general education schools.

A unique model of providing schoolchildren with modern texts was instituted in the country during the implementation of the National Program for the Development of School Education from 2004 to 2009. Uzbek specialists had worked out textbooks for all academic disciplines. A mechanism was launched for their regular renovation and perfection.

In the past, manuals used to be refined with an eye to many parameters, including the considerations of optimization of the training process content, ensuring the succession of learning stages and professional orientation. Methodological study guides for teachers were produced to help them implement and make a good use of advanced pedagogical technologies. This had predetermined many dimensions of the upcoming program for the elaboration and publication of new generation textbooks in 2016-2020 for general educational schools.

The experience garnered in creating guidebooks for learning English is going to serve as the basis for the projected program. It implies that multimedia applications and special worksheets in some disciplines for schoolchildren are to be produced in addition to the set of textbooks and training-methodological manuals for the teaching staff.

Before working out new textbooks, the existing syllabi need to be revised. In general though, the Ministry of Public Education intends to update the education process with the involvement of leading specialists from the preeminent training centers of Germany, Japan, Singapore and the Republic of Korea.

Innovations are expected to be implemented as soon as this year. It is planned to print 26.1 million copies of guidebooks overall. Financial resources are to be assigned from the national budget (20.4 billion soums) as well as the Republican Trust Book Fund (34.2 billion soums). (currency rates of CB RU from 02.03.2016, 1$= 2856.64 soums)

The list of such study guides includes foreign-language learning textbooks designed for free distribution among teachers and schoolchildren of grades from 1 to 4. Thus the first results of the new program are anticipated to be seen namely among them.

In the meanwhile, the Ministry is said to proceed with further publication and provision of schools with textbooks with in-depth study of respective disciplines. Six titles of textbooks and training-methodological manuals in physics and mathematics will be prepared for schoolchildren of grades 5-9.

The third-grade teachers are set to be granted methodological literature with multimedia applications for improving the quality of learning and upbringing.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)