A conference held at the National press center of Uzbekistan was devoted to uninterrupted providing the population with electrical energy and progress achieved over the years of independence in the development of the energy industry. The event was organized by representatives of JSC "Uzbekenergo". Among other things, it was noted that the energy sector has been developing rapidly over the years of independence. This allowed not only to meet the needs of our country in electrical energy but also to export it to a number of other states.

The volume of electricity annually produced by JSC "Uzbekenergo" today exceeds 55 billion kWh, of which 5.9 billion kWh or 9% of the total volume is generated by hydropower, 49.3 billion kWh or 89% by the thermal power plants.

JSC "Uzbekenergo" provides all industrial enterprises, social facilities and residential houses with reliable power supply. As was noted at the conference, in line with the development of the economy and despite the active introduction of energy saving technologies, electricity demand constantly grows every year. If in 2000, one family per month consumed 114 kWh, by 2015, this figure increased by 35% to 160 kWh. In addition, if in 1990 the share of the population in total consumption was 10.3%, by 2000 this figure had risen to 13.9%, and in 2015 to 25.2%.

As experts emphasized, JSC "Uzbekenergo" has paid considerable attention to issues of further development of the energy sector, the modernization of existing production capacities, introduction of modern energy sources and development of renewable energy sources. A number of investment projects are under implementation in this direction as of today.

- We are implementing a pilot project on commissioning a solar power plant with a capacity of 130 kW in PAP district of Namangan region. It began functioning last year, and currently, generates electricity using the sun. We have plans to build photo-electric stations with a capacity of 100 Megawatt in Samarkand, Namangan and Surkhandarya regions. In addition, a project for the introduction of wind turbines is scheduled to be erected in the Navoi region, - Deputy chief of Department for exploitation of electric networks of JSC "Uzbekenergo" Ulugbek Hakimov said.

Along with this, the electricity metering system is under modernization. The new modern electronic meters provide consumers with an accurate and reliable calculation of electricity used. Large-scale work carried out by JSC "Uzbekenergo", including the implementation of investment projects, contributes to the strengthening of the domestic electric power industry, uninterrupted and reliable provision of consumers with electric power and increasing the export potential of the Republic.

(Source: UzReport.uz)