From the first years of independence our country has attached great importance to creating new ways to the world market, the construction of modern transport communications connecting the republic with other regions of the world. At the same time the primary attention was focused on the acquisition of modern aircraft, the development of new air routes, the organization of country's powerful transport system.

Recently, a number of Latvian media published an article on their electronic portals that the flight of Tashkent-Riga-Tashkent performed for the first time by plane Boeing-787 Dreamliner which joined the fleet of the national airline "Uzbekistan Airways" in August last year. "This event was a confirmation of the growing bilateral relations between Latvia and Uzbekistan," - noted the Baltic media.

The publications state that the "Dreamliner" is equipped with the newest engine types which differ significantly less noise and minimal fuel consumption. "To service modern aircraft of the airline of Uzbekistan the corresponding infrastructure is prepared, a new aircraft division is formed which includes 2 flight instructor and 18 pilots. Uzbekistan Airways Technics enterprise prepared 64 specialists, including 6 instructors who will train engineers and technicians", - the Latvian media reported.

Jahon Information Agency, Riga