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Our Embassy is located at 16 Vlodymyrskya. The building was constructed in the years 1879-1881 in eclectic style by architect V.N.Nikolaev for officer F.M.Charnetsky. This historic building, which is an architectural monument and is under the protection of the State of Ukraine.

F.M.Charnetsky rented a house, furnished 10 rooms inhabited by middle-income citizens and visitors stayed. Among them - the Russian artists M.A.Vrubel (1888) and M.V. Nesterov (1890).

In 1982 Starokievskaya fire brigade successfully tested on this building a new car to save the diseased and children.

At the end of the XIX century a new owner transformed furnished rooms to the hotel «Lion dor» (Golden Lion). Hotel existed until the beginning of last century, when it was adapted for educational institution. Replacing each other, here contained V.I.Petr’s male gymnasium, first gymnasium of Council of parents and, finally, a gymnasium of V.A.Zherebtsova. This school is considered as one of the best in Kiev and since August 1, 1911 was located in this building.

Under the Soviet rule, "Dniprospilka" Cooperative museum worked in the house which was by led P.G.Tychina in 1920.