In recent years, a number of positive reforms have been carried out in the field of protection of private property rights in Uzbekistan. These positive changes serve to improve the investment and business environment, thereby further increasing

the investment attractiveness of the country.

In this regard, if we pay attention to the historical evolution
of the development of property rights in the territory of Uzbekistan, the emergence of these relations has its long history.

Evolution of the formation of property rights on the territory
of Uzbekistan

In particular, the first forms of property rights in Uzbekistan were mentioned in the sacred book of Zoroastrianism "Avesto", according to which property rights were classified into three types: private, public and state property. All these forms of ownership were protected by the state in accordance with the established rules.[2]

The process of initial codification of property rights in the territory
of Uzbekistan was carried out in the 1920s, which mainly reflected the forms of state ownership.

Property rights in independent Uzbekistan.

The inviolability of private property in independent Uzbekistan and its state protection are first of all enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main goal of all reforms since independence is to protect the personal, social, economic and political rights and freedoms of the people.

Article 36 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan[4] states that Everyone shall be entitled to legally defend his rights and freedoms, and shall have the right to appeal any unlawful action of state bodies, officials and public associations.
This is the encyclopedic recognition of the desire to live a decent life and enjoy results of his abilities and labor as an owner.

The adoption of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as
the laws "On property in the Republic of Uzbekistan" in 1990[6] has played a historic role in ensuring and guaranteeing the protection of property rights.

The fact that the article 166 of Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan[8] defines the protection of private property from encroachment as one of the most important objects, is a clear confirmation of the existence of a solid legal basis for property protection
in Uzbekistan.

Enhancing protection of private property in new Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan’s Development Strategy on five priority areas for 2017-2021, adopted by the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, identifies strengthening the guarantees
of citizens' rights to private property as one of the important tasks.[10], the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 3, 2019 No. 5491 "On additional measures to ensure the unconditional guarantee of property rights of citizens and businesses"[12].

Additionally, New law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On amendments
and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with further strengthening the guarantees of property rights and legitimate interests" was adopted on 23 December, 2020

[2]See above.