The main tasks of the “Foreign Languages” TV channel:

popularization of foreign language learning among the population, especially the younger generation and arousing interest in learning foreign languages by promoting language learning opportunities;

demonstration of popular science, documentaries, feature films, television works focused on children in foreign languages and other TV products that help students to master foreign languages and develop basic language skills;

involvement of qualified specialists in language training programs via broadcast and creation and broadcasting of master TV lessons, videos, games, entertainment programs, films and other educational content with their participation;

promotion of the best experience of specialists who have achieved success in professional translation from the state language into foreign languages and from foreign languages into the state language;

consistent coverage of the implementation of internationally recognized programs and textbooks for teaching foreign languages at all stages of education and assistance in the development of modern language teaching skills of teachers;

the channel broadcasts its programs 24 hours a day in foreign languages, with at least 3 hours of airtime per day allocated for online teaching of foreign languages;

TV works in foreign languages for children will be broadcast without dubbing in the original language, with subtitles in Uzbek, English and Russian, if necessary.