In the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan opened an exhibition entitled "Portraits of Scholars", consisting of images of great ancestors who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of world civilization, religious and sciences.

Akmal Nur, Chairman of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan noted that those works were created by leading artists of Uzbekistan and scientists and art critics of the Republic were invited to evaluate them.

The exhibition features 22 portraits of Imam Bukhari, Imam Termezi, Najmiddin Kubro, Burhaniddin Margilani and other ancestors, whose unique image has not yet been accepted.

Rustam Khudoiberganov, People's Artist of Uzbekistan noted that he spent 20 years creating a portrait of Bobur, which is a pencil image taken during Bobur’s lifetime, kept in London, was the basis.

Portraits of great scientists, created in collaboration with artists and scientists based on historical documents and information, now allow to introduce these images not only to Uzbek people, but also to the world community.