President KarakalpakstanRegarding the situation in Karakalpakstan at the video conference about priority tasks in the spheres of architecture, urban development and construction chaired by the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev

«Obviously, we are deeply dismayed and concerned by the violence that took place in Karakalpakstan.

Unfortunately, many innocent people perished and have been wounded as a result of those events. In this regard, I express my sincere condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. I wish a quick recovery to the patients, who are being cured in hospitals.

And in those moments, we understand how vital it is to preserve peace and human life and realize that we bear full responsibility for this».

«Certainly, those events have not been planned in one day or ten. External forces have been preparing for years to organize these actions.

Their main goal was to violate the territorial integrity and provoke interethnic conflict.

An investigation team spearheaded by the First Deputy Attorney General is working to comprehensively analyze these happenings.

This process should involve impartial parties, i.e. public representatives, deputies and activists.

For that reason, the Attorney General N.Yuldashev has been requested to thoroughly and objectively investigate each case and make legal assessment to the actions of participants of the event.

At this stage, the actions of law enforcement agencies should also be carefully analyzed. If they used illegal force, they should also be prosecuted in accordance with the law».

At the moment, stable life is being restored and the lives of residents are not in danger.

Economic sectors are working. People are busy with their daily work and household chores. Farmers are working in their fields, harvesting the crops they have grown with honesty.

Markets, shops and other services-related installations are continuing with their activities. From all over the regions of our country food and groceries are being delivered.

Government officials, public representatives and law enforcement are working carefully and orderly to maintain stability in the region.

«Analyzing the past events, we should never forget one thing: if decisive action is not taken in time, the accomplishments and goals, achieved by our hardworking and creative people over the decades, may be seriously threatened by malicious external forces.

The peace and tranquility of our country, our homes and the future of our children will easily be in danger if we are not vigilant and resolute.

Leaders at all levels must once again understand and realize that we are currently living in such a turbulent and difficult period».

«At the moment, new hotbeds of tension are emerging in different regions of the world, conflicts between nations and faiths are becoming more acute, and the danger of radicalism and extremism is increasing.

In such a dangerous situation, we must resolutely confront any threats and risks that undermine our stability and security.

At the same time, it should be noted that there are various destructive external forces that are not interested in the consistent and stable development of our country.

These forces pursued malicious goals aimed at undermining the peaceful situation in our country, gaining the trust of our citizens and leading them astray, and such attempts may continue».

The President at the end of his speech said: «I want to assure our people that we are capable of attacking in a timely and decisive manner any evil plans and actions of such forces, who are hostile to our country.

I am confident that we will face today’s challenges with dignity and courage.

Because, from time immemorial, our people have gained prestige and respect in the world with wisdom, courage and perseverance, friendship and peace-loving qualities.

Such noble values have been deeply rooted in our blood and soul since our youth. And no one can take them away from us.

Today, our people and society should be more united, leaders at all levels must increase vigilance and consciousness, all our capabilities and resources should be mobilized in order to accomplish our purpose of maintaining peace and stability in our country, rapid development, ensuring the well-being of our people, and pleasing their wills”.